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a wine school for everyone


Offering wine appreciation and education courses for all levels of wine experience.

Located at Intersection Estate Winery, The Vinstitute offers an exclusive opportunity to taste and learn about a variety of BC wines on-site at an operating winery and vineyard. We recognize that the world of wine education can be intimidating and inaccessible, and so strive to make our classes approachable, affordable, and above all else, fun.

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From May to October, we offer in-depth classes exploring special topics in wine, held on the first Sunday of each month. As with all Vinstitute classes, each class is stand-alone and requires no prior education or enrolment, but the Vintrigue sessions are aimed at a slightly more experienced palate, so we do often recommend that guests attend a Vinsight class first.

MAY 6: The Merits of Meritage - an exploration of new world blends both white and red made from Bordeaux grape varietals

JUNE 3: Rhone Varietals - from Marsanne to Grenache, a look at BC's take on the classic grapes from Southern France

JULY 1: Hot and Cold - see how the same grape fares when grown in hot or cool conditions

AUG 5: Art of the Blend - guest lecturer Melissa Smits returns with a chance to blend your own wine

SEPT 2: BC Regional Comparison - a cross-tasting of BC, from island to valley. Back by popular demand!

OCT 7: Miles of Styles - instead of varietals, this class looks at different styles of winemaking, from savoury to sweet

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Trouble with the scheduler? Prefer a more personal touch?

Simply contact us at to ask questions or book a session.



the FUNDAMENTALS of tasting - ideal for beginners, fun for all levels of experience

Experience a guided tasting of six British Columbia wines, selected from a number of different wineries to exemplify some of the most popular grape varietals in North America today. Learn why you love the wines that you do as your instructor guides you through proper tasting procedures and demonstrates the components that make each wine unique. An excellent class for beginners as well as connoisseurs simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of BC wines.

Saturdays at 10:30am -- 120 minutes in length

$25 (includes tax)

Capacity: minimum 4 ppl, maximum 12 ppl

By default, all classes at the Vinstitute are public, and may be joined by any guests so long as seats remain.

If you desire a private session, however, a flat rate may be applied to reserve the class for your group alone. Inquire by email at

 August 2017 - Vinsight in Session

August 2017 - Vinsight in Session

 August 2017 - Vinsight in Session

By default, all classes at the Vinstitute are public, and may be joined by any guests so long as seats remain.

If you desire a private session, however, a flat rate may be applied to reserve the class for your group alone. Inquire by email at



Train your palate and learn proper tasting procedures in our private classroom setting while you learn the story of Intersection Estate Winery and sample 8 of their premium wines. Learn the distinctions that soil can make from the Silica and Alluvia Merlots or come to understand the curious and rare Marsanne grape.
Each class includes a tasting of an exclusive small-batch wine otherwise unavailable to the public.

Sundays at 10:30am and 1:00pm -- 60 minutes in length

$20 (includes tax)

Capacity: minimum 4 ppl, maximum 12 ppl


Continue your education with a diverse new topic every month

Exploring special topics in BC wine, monthly Vintrigue classes offer experienced tasters or enthusiastic new learners a deeper dive into the many stylistic variations in wine.


  • MAY 6: The Merits of Meritage
  • JUNE 3: Rhone Varietals 
  • JULY 1: Hot and Cold 
  • AUG 5: Art of the Blend 
  • SEPT 2: BC Regional Comparison 
  • OCT 7: Miles of Styles 

First Sunday of the month at 10:30am -- 120minutes in length

$25 (includes tax)(subject to increase pending class content)

Capacity: minimum 4 ppl, maximum 12 ppl

 Feb 2018 - Valentine's Rosé Vintrigue Class

Feb 2018 - Valentine's Rosé Vintrigue Class

Contact for more information about topics

Previous classes have included: 

  • Vintage Variation
  • BC Regional Comparison
  • Misfits & Oddities 
  • Rosé Examination
  • Barrel Theory 
  • Sparkling Wine Comparison
  • Blending Seminar 

 Nov 2017 - "Wineology 101" at the Grand Forks Gallery 2 Art & Heritage Centre

Nov 2017 - "Wineology 101" at the Grand Forks Gallery 2 Art & Heritage Centre


Train your staff or treat your local wine club

Treating your staff to a company gathering or corporate retreat? Planning a family reunion in the Okanagan? Looking to improve your servers' wine knowledge or learn bottle service and handling?

The Vinstitute offers a number of specialty sessions and consultations, including but not limited to:

  • wine education for large groups
  • alcohol handling training for service industry
  • restaurant wine list consultation and familiarization
  • restaurant bottle service
  • off-site education and wine tasting events

Contact Moss for more details:

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Gift Certificates and Season's Passes are available for any and all Vinstitute sessions.

Interested in saving money on multiple classes? Season's Passes are valid from Nov 1 - Oct 31 and offer great savings for the budding oenologists among us. A fantastic gift idea for the wine lover in your family.

4 Class Pack


Any 4 sessions for the price of 3 -- Just $15 per class!

11 Class Pack


Our entire winter program for the price of 7 -- Less than $13 per class!

For more information or to request your pass, contact Moss at

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Founded in 2016, The Vinstitute Wine School is the Okanagan's only public wine education facility, offering weekly classes to help train the palate and educate visitors on the finer points of British Columbia's glorious wine industry.

Held inside of Intersection Estate Winery, just north of Osoyoos, the Vinstitute is a truly tactile experience. Parking next to the grape vines and stepping into a shadowed cellar classroom with oak barrels lining the walls is a thrilling and appropriate setting to learn about wine in. The head instructor Moss Scheurkogel is also the manager of Intersection, but he keeps the school's focus broad enough to include wines from around the province.

"Personally, I didn't start learning about BC wine until I moved to Osoyoos in 2011," Moss explains, "but I quickly became aware of a few significant details. One is that the local wineries form a very neighbourly community - it's an extremely collaborative environment to work in. And the second is that this wine is really, really good."

Moss moved to the Okanagan as a high school teacher and worked in wineries over the summer months. After a few years, he shifted to working in wine full time, and after five years in the industry he opened his wine school to fill a void that he perceived in the region.

"Many people are intimidated by wine, and by wine experts; even a simple visit to a tasting bar can make some folks nervous. I thought there needed to exist a facility that would give people the foundation necessary for them to go appreciate wine with confidence. Media and movies like Somm or Sideways love to cast sommeliers as high-strung, arrogant elitists, but in reality many of the winemakers themselves in the Okanagan are farmers, and the nicest people imaginable. Sure there can be pretension, but the art of wine is just so universally enchanting that nobody should be precluded from it. I give people a comfortable, accessible setting to learn about wine without fear of judgement. It really is a wine school for everyone."

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Founded in 2009, Intersection boasts a small estate vineyard that makes careful use of the unique soil and exposure of the Golden Mile growing region. From a range of singular Merlots to richly textured white blends, all of Intersection's wines are distinct in style and exquisite in quality. To learn more, visit

In 2016, Intersection became host to the Vinstitute Wine School.


450 ROAD 8 -- OLIVER BC -- V0H 1T1